How do I create my own design?

The first step is to connect your wallet. Once you have connected your wallet, your NFT collection will immediately appear on the models. You can then choose which NFT you would like to create a design with. Once you have done that, you will have the option to choose what text to add, what type of merchandise you would like to create (cap, hoodie, T-shirt, etc), and adjust the size of the NFT image. 

After you are done creating your design, the next step will be to set a price, a name for the design, and add hashtags so it is easier for people to find it when searching for a specific category/design. You will also be given the option to either add it to NFT Nation, buy it yourself right away, or get a link to share your design with others.

Can I create as many designs as I want to?

Yes, you can create as many designs as you want to, however, you can only list them on NFT Nation where they will be visible to the public once you have made at least one sale.


How do I get my designs listed on NFT Nation?

To get your design listed on NFT Nation, you need to have at least one sale. This can be done by promoting your creation on social media using the personal link that is generated once you have created a design. If someone buys it, you will automatically qualify for NFT Nation and can create as many designs as you want to list on there. The other way to qualify is by buying your own creation. Either way, you need one sale to start listing your creations on NFT Nation. This helps to ensure that only high quality designs are listed and to prevent the platform from being spammed with thousands of experimental creations that no one will buy. 

How do I apply as a brand?

Click on “Create Your Own” to apply.

Why Should I Apply?

We would like to verify that you are the owner or the brand and to protect those in the space so nobody else tries to infringe on your NFTs.

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Shipping Timelines

Here are the shipping times for each shipping method we offer:

  •     Express: 1-3 business days in the US, Canada, and internationally
  •     Standard: 3-5 business days in the US and internationally, 3-6 days in Canada
  •     Economy: 5-8 business days in the US, 6-12 days in Canada, 5-10 days internationally
  •     No rush: 10-20 business days internationally
  •     Flat rate: 5-8 business days in the US, 6-12 days in Canada, 5-20 days internationally

Please note that the above estimation is excluding the 2-7 days we would require for creating the custom print on the chosen product.

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